Is the U.S. Really Falling Behind China in Five Years?

Henry Truc | |

The International Monetary Fund sent a shock through the financial markets today when it said that China would surpass the U.S. as the world's largest economy by 2016. But really, any investor

Wall Street Journal Discusses Emerging Medical Marijuana Sector and General Cannabis (OTCPK: CANA)

Brittney Barrett | |

Public medical marijuana companies have been gaining more traction and attracting more publicity than ever as a growing number of companies compete for a piece of the burgeoning market. Today, the

China's Demand for Pecans is Evidence of Changing Economic Focus

Brittney Barrett | |

The Chinese demand on the food supply has caused prices to skyrocket over the past several years, but especially in recent months. The prices of corn, sugar and wheat have all gone through the

Equities Mid-Day Stock Market Roundup: Stocks Trading Flat

Equities Editors Desk | |

Stocks are trading flat today despite positive earning announcements from several major companies. The initial sentiment from investors is that positive earnings this quarter may not necessarily

Equities Mid-Day Stock Market Roundup: Government Shutdown Postponed

Equities Editors Desk | |

Stocks are still mixed as the government managed to come to a compromise last week at the last hour and reprieve a federal shutdown. President Obama is expected to unveil a new spending plan for

Oil Falls Slightly After Rebels Regain Control over Fields

Brittney Barrett | |

Oil prices fell under $105 per barrel on Monday as news broke that Libyan rebels recaptured several major oil ports and will begin resuming exports. Prices still hover 22 percent above

George Brooks: More Domestic Oil Production on the Way

George Brooks | |

Deepwater drilling is beginning to make a comeback for the first time since the BP oil spill last April. Just last week, the Obama administration issued its second deepwater drilling permit for

Will Astronomical Oil Prices Inspire Domestic Drilling?

Equities Editors Desk | |

The political unrest in the Middle East and Libya has led to skyrocketing prices at the pump in recent weeks. Last week was no exception with crude prices closing at $104.42 on Friday, the highest

EIA Announces Higher Predictions for Oil Prices

Equities Editors Desk | |

Oil prices should average $105 a barrel in 2011 according to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Energy on Tuesday. The rise in the crude price outlook for this year is the consequence of


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