The Pound Is Controlled by Politics

The Pound Is Controlled by Politics

RoboForex | |

Why is the Pound is retreating faster than usual right now?

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Store Precious Metals Yourself

Hard Assets Alliance | |

Is it even worth the trouble?

​2 Longer-Term ETFs for Commodities, Gold

MoneyShow | |

Commodity prices could be on rise as economic growth picks up.

​An ETF for Exposure to Global Natural Resources

MoneyShow | |

The late stages of an economic cycle are usually good times for resource companies.

​How to Profit from the New Housing Boom

MoneyShow | |

The fundamentals are looking better.

​End of the Cattle Rally

Andy Waldock | |

When the commercial traders are short, and a market becomes overbought, look for a reversal in line with the commercial traders' momentum.

​Who Watches the Watchlist?

Chuck Fulkerson | |

Here are a few ideas and guidelines you can use to give you a simple watchlist from which to start.

​This Germany ETF Powered by Nation’s Manufacturing

MoneyShow | |

Germany's economy is undoubtedly doing very well.

Nickel: The Secret Driver of the Battery Revolution

Visual Capitalist | |

By mass, there is more nickel in EV lithium-ion battery cathodes than any other metal.

All the Reasons Cryptocurrencies Will Never Replace Gold as Your Financial Hedge

Olivier Garrett | |

How effective are cryptocurrencies as hedges against the instability of fiat currencies?

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