In Support Of Leveraged ETFs Once Again

Jim Trippon | |

Perhaps I'm grumpy. Maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon at just 50 years-old. It could be the result of my new sleep-depraved lifestyle that comes with the territory of owning a puppy. For some

What's the Current Lecture from Dr. Copper?

Gordon Scott | |

The ADP Non-Farm Employment Change report wildly outpaced its forecast at the same time (even in the same hour) that the world’s central bankers coordinated their efforts to stave off a Eurozone

Retail ETFs for Holiday Shopping

Joel Anderson | |

With the all-important holiday shopping season coming up quickly, retail stores are soon going to really know whether or not they've had a good year. Retailers can expect anywhere from 25-40

ETFs for Sequestration Speculation

Joel Anderson | |

The apparent failure of the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, better known as the Super Committee, means that $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade will

Rinse, Wash, Repeat: A Way to Survive Leveraged ETFs' Gyrations

Jim Trippon | |

I am an unashamed defender of leveraged ETFs and with every criticism of these products, I grow more convinced that I'm right. Maybe I feel that way because Criticism B of leveraged ETFs will

Healthcare ETFs for the Healthy Investor

Joel Anderson | |

The Supreme Court decided on Monday that it will hear arguments regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and whether or not the Federal Government can levy a fine on those people

European ETFs to Capitalize on Debt Crisis

Joel Anderson | |

The trends in European markets appear to be harder to read than sanskrit. As news out of Greece and the EU continues to either embolden or terrify the markets, many investors may simply want to

Is It Time to Exit Emerging ETFs?

Brittney Barrett | |

The trend for relying on emerging markets in the midst of a domestic slump is more flawed than many have realized. While emerging market ETFs had been thriving prior to the realization that global

How Do You Catch a Falling Knife?

Gordon Scott | |

Gold, Silver and Copper prices fell dramatically during the past week, but is that an indication that those markets have topped out or are they simply correcting and creating a new buying

Dare to Face the Bear

Gordon Scott | |

The signs of a new bear market are evident. Anyone who has been stubbornly bullish may feel as though they are looking down the barrel of a .44 magnum with the market standing over them asking,

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