​Three ETFs that Could Lift with Saudi Oil Price Push

​Three ETFs that Could Lift with Saudi Oil Price Push

MoneyShow | |

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is sending a clear message to the Saudi elite that he is running the show.

Singapore Exchange Clears Liquefied Natural Gas Futures

Melissa Thompson | |

The DKI Sling Index is the first liquefied natural gas derivative for deliveries in India and the Middle East.

​How High Will Gold Go?

Harry Dent | |

Gold is not a safe haven in a deflationary environment, like it is in an inflationary one.

The True Meaning of Bitcoin's 'Success'

Michael Ballanger | |

Bitcoin could represent the final chapter of the repudiation of fiat currencies.

The Ins and Outs of a Forex Trading Career

Melissa Thompson | |

Forex trading may not be for everyone, but before getting into any career, you should do your research and figure out if it will work for you.

Silver and Gold Bottom Soon

Bob Moriarty | |

Gold and silver are on track to hit a yearly low this December.

Getting Investment Practice Before Putting Your Money at Risk

Melissa Thompson | |

Practice makes perfect is a good motto to live by in the investing world; learn why a demo account is just the thing for a novice investor.

​A Golden Trio: Goldcorp, New Gold & Kirkland Lake

MoneyShow | |

In the past decade and a half, gold miners have consistently been expensive before a big run-up in earnings and price.

​Cash Flow, Capital Gain with Global Natural Resources ETF?

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The late stages of an economic cycle are usually good times for resource companies.

​King Midas? Choosing Gold Miner ETF over Bullion

MoneyShow | |

Now may be a good time to start paying more attention to gold.

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