LRad Corp Aims to Remain the Global Leader in AHD and Advanced Mass Notification Systems

Destiny A. Lopez | |

LRad Corp (LRAD), a technology company, is out to remain, thanks to a number of recent developments, the global leader in acoustic hailing devices and advanced mass notification systems.

Small-Cap Star LRAD Corporation's (LRAD) Stock Sizzles in August

Joel Anderson | |

One of the brightest Small-Cap Stars of the last month has been the San Diego-based LRAD Corporation (LRAD) . The company’s spiked almost 65% since the start of August following a

Stocks Under $10: More Consumer Discretionary Plays

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Consumer Discretionary sector 7.8 percent overvalued with the Audio / Video Home Products industry 3.55 percent overvalued, the Furniture industry 45.9

Stocks Under $10: Consumer Discretionary, Leisure, Video, Toys and Games

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Consumer Discretionary sector is 2.4% overvalued with the Leisure & Recreation Products & Services industries 28.1% overvalued on the product side

Hybrids Could Continue to Dominate According to Exxon

Brittney Barrett | |

According a recent prediction from Exxon Mobil (XOM), one out of every two cars will be hybrids or another type of alternative fuel vehicle by 2040 as the government continues to enact more

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