GI-Bill Exploitation Places For-Profit Colleges Under Scrutiny, Again

Remy Merritt | |

For-profit institutions have been receiving intense scrutiny on the heels of the Corinthian College closures, which has left its 72,000 students facing displacement and delays in graduation. New

How to Invest: Why Investors Need to Understand Share Classes

Joel Anderson | |

The announcement in April of last year that Google (GOOG) would be offering a dividend, not long after Apple's (AAPL) announced their own $2.65 a share quarterly payout (which was raised to

Why LinkedIn and Twitter Have Brighter Prospects Than Facebook

Minyanville | |

“Facebook isn't Google; it's Yahoo or AOL.” That line sums up this excellent and nuanced take on Facebook (FB) by Michael Wolff, and it finally made me understand why I've been uncomfortable

Equities Sector Coverage: Wall Street Falls on Fed's Minutes

Sector Recap | |

Factory Orders rose by 1.5% in February. The markets fell sharply after the minutes from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting indicated that the central bank was considering additional economic

Equities Sector Coverage: Fed Says Economy Shows Signs of Life

Sector Recap | |

The Fed’s Beige Book for the Jan. 25 FOMC meeting shows a steady slow increase in economic activity even though the real estate sectors were steady at low levels. The Dow Jones Industrial

Equities Sector Coverage: Uncertainty in Europe Sparks Drop

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke below its 200-day simple moving average at 11,942 to a day’s low of 11,786.47 versus its 50-day simple moving average at 11,775. The NASDAQ, which is well

Equities Sector Coverage: Market Curbs Enthusiasm as Gains Lose Steam

Sector Recap | |

The 20-City Composite of the S&P/Case-Shiller Housing Market Index shows that home prices rose 0.9% in July from June, but that prices are down 4.1% year over year. Consumer Confidence came in

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