Markowski: ​Predictions and Top Pick for 2017

Michael Markowski | |

There will likely be three dominant themes for 2017.

​Trump Brings Small Company Tailwinds, Big Company Headwinds

Michael Markowski | |

Two post-election developments are causing this.

​Nationalism and Protectionism Now Being Priced Into US and Global Markets

Michael Markowski | |

We're now in a new era...

Live Ventures (LIVE) is all about Putting Transactions on the Tape

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The company operates a deal engine that connects restaurants with consumers, as well as marketing solutions to restaurants to boost awareness and merchant visibility on the Internet.

LiveDeal Looks Pretty Fishy

Jacob Harper | |

On June 18 daily-deals site LiveDeal (LIVE) saw shares rise 13 percent in a single trading session on the back of another press release from the company touting another supposed milestone. But as

Like Plug Power, LiveDeal Now Just Plaything of the Market

Jacob Harper | |

At the conclusion of the may 28 trading day the explosively volatile daily coupon site LiveDeal (LIVE) experienced a massive 33 percent upswing despite any discernible positive news. Like Plug

LiveDeal Doubles on Highly Suspicious Activity, PR Shills

Jacob Harper | |

On May 23 shares of daily deals site LiveDeal (LIVE) spiked over 100 percent in highly suspicious trading activity that appears to be spurred once again by nothing save paid PR reports

LiveDeal Mania Looks to Be Coming to an End

Jacob Harper | |

The beginning of 2014 was a momentous time for daily deals site LiveDeal (LIVE). A subsidiary of Yellow Pages that had gone through a few iterations since the dotcom bubble, On the surface,

Over 1 Percent Losses for DJIA, S&P, NASDAQ as Stocks Continue to Fall

Joel Anderson | |

In another rough day of trading for American stocks, all three major indices lost more than a percentage point, with the Nasdaq leading the way with losses that briefly exceeded 1.8 percent. The

LiveDeal “Bubble” is Popping

Jacob Harper | |

In February we took a look at internet startup LiveDeal (LIVE) which at the time was the hottest tech microcap on the market. The company’s fast rise though seemed suspicious, and with the

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