Short-term Resistance Level Still Blocks China Stocks

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China stocks banged against key short-term resistance again Thursday and retreated again, but numerous analysts still think a breakthrough is around the corner.The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong

China Stocks Build on Friday's Rally

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Positives from Europe and China helped China stocks build on last Friday’s big gain when the Hong Kong market reopened Tuesday after a holiday.The Hang Seng Index rose 1.5% to 19,736, and the

China Stocks Continue Decline; Losses Shaved after Opening

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China stocks continued to swoon Wednesday as China’s downgrade of its estimate of growth weighed on the market.The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong sank 0.9% to 20,628, and the index of Chinese

China Stocks Look to Gains after Consolidation

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China stocks continue to digest healthy gains made in January after running into strong technical resistance in early trading on Monday. But underlying sentiment seems bullish, and more gains are

China Stocks Pull Back on News of Kim Jong Il Death

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China stocks fell again Monday after reports of helpful Chinese government steps provided a short-lived boost Friday. News of the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il contributed to the

China Stocks Face Volatile Week

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Monday’s wide swing in China stock prices gave a taste of the volatility that seems to be in store this week in the face of major uncertainties.The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong climbed more than

China Stocks Pullback Only Temporary -- Analyst

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Bad news helped stall this week’s China stocks rally on Wednesday, but one analyst says the downturn is only temporary.A lowering of Hong Kong’s economic prospects by several brokerages and a

China Stocks Off Day Lows, But Still Lower

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Growing European debt woes, signaled by rising bond prices, weighed on China stocks again in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Help for China stocks is on the way, according to a number of analysts. They

Increased Bank Lending Spurs China Stocks

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China stocks led the Hong Kong market higher Monday as investors celebrated an easing of Chinese credit policies.With stubborn inflation finally falling and demand for Chinese exports stalling,

China Stocks Underpinned By Gradual Credit Easing

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China stocks ended a wild week little changed after swinging up and down according to breaking news on the European debt drama. But behind the volatility, China’s gradual move to loosen tight


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