​How Coca-Cola Shifts May Affect Investors

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For an income investor, it’s always important to ask if a company’s dividend is sustainable.

​Good Companies Don’t Always Make Good Stocks

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Yes, there is a difference.

Alcohol-Beverage Refining Appliance: Revolution for Consumers/Recurring Revenue for Innovators

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Cavitation Technologies Inc.’s (CVAT) tabletop device can help consumers purify alcohol at home for improved taste and reduction of harmful impurities.

​The 6 Essentials for Spectacular Logo Design

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When developing your brand identity, nothing is more significant than your logo.

What Should Berkshire Do with Its Cash?

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Warren Buffet is swamped with cash, what will he do?

Is Cavitation Technologies Inc. (CVAT) the Next Household Name in Wine and Spirits?

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The company's new technology can disrupt how people consume alcohol.

​How Important is Branding to Revenue?

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Branding can be a nebulous concept, one that seems like it might not directly impact revenue. But does it?

How Much Does Getting Political Affect the Bottom Line?

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Any political opinion given through the mouthpiece of a company reflects on that business in positive or negative ways.

​Why Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Marketing Agencies

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Scrappy and fun are just some reasons.

These are the World's 20 Largest Stock Exchanges...

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How do exchanges around the world compare to the famed NYSE?

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