5 Micro-Cap Materials Plays Attracting the Smart Money

Michael Teague | |

Investors who are looking for that tiny materials play with good upside potential will need more than a great deal of patience if they hope to pick the right stock before anyone else does. Indeed,

5 Gold Stocks Finding The Smart Money

Michael Teague | |

Despite entering 2014 on some positive momentum, street expectations for gold are bearish in general, and the metal could spend the coming year range-bound, with the major support level not

Kingold Jewelry (KGJI) is the Only Gold Stock with a Positive Return in 2013

Michael Teague | |

Gold futures for Dec. 13 delivery were trading just a smidgen lower on Tuesday, but have dropped about 2.50 percent over the past week as prices continue to struggle to remain above $1,200 per

4 Gold and Silver Plays for an Ailing Precious Metals Market

Michael Teague | |

Gold and Silver have been taking a drubbing lately. The iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV) has lost 16.70 percent in the last six months, and SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) has lost almost 10

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