​KB Home: Why This Housing Stock Looks Set to Pop Right Now

MoneyShow | |

Housing sector headlines have been resoundingly gloomy of late.

Stocks Rally Ahead of Earnings Season

Adam Sarhan | |

Stocks went from being overbought, to being very over-bought in a matter of a few weeks.

​Homebuilders with Top Quant Scores

MoneyShow | |

Consistency breeds success.

5 Red Flags Pointing to a Cooling Real Estate Market

John Mauldin | |

Investing is about piecing together different bits of information into an illustrative picture—sort of a Wall Street version of the connect-the-dots game we played in

Greed/Fear Ratio, Not P/Es, Drive Stock Prices

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:     I sense some nervousness in the Street about the level of stock prices. I have been uneasy for a number of days, since I felt a major upward extension of the rally that

Easy Does It! Dow 20,000, But Not in a Straight Line

George Brooks | |

New all-time highs again? Feeling like you better go all-in?     That’s a normal human reaction to a “teaser” market that has edged up relentlessly for nine days

Market Needs Robust Economic Rebound

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:       The stock market has already discounted an economic rebound from the winter slump, but needs better numbers to justify a surge from current

Stock Market Needs Help From Fed and Economy

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:       With the market in limbo, my headline yesterday was, “Stock Market Getting Ready for a Move?”        It was down,

Stock Market Getting Ready for a Move?

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:       The stock market is in limbo waiting for a nudge up or down. There is little in economic news to trigger a big move until Thursday (see Week’s

Big Move in Offing?

George Brooks | |

    TODAY:    Yesterday was surprisingly quiet. I suspect institutions were agonizing over what to do. Jump in and maybe they get clothes-lined by a nasty gap down.

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