The Evolution and Potential Future Path of ESG Investing

The Evolution and Potential Future Path of ESG Investing | |

Companies with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores are less volatile, higher quality and better able to hold up during downturns.

From Novelty to Necessity: The Growing Tiny Home Movement

Visual Capitalist | |

These alternative housing solutions have become not only a viable option for many people, but a vital one.

Ursula von der Leyen and the Shape of Post-Brexit Europe

Guild Investment Management | |

The President-Elect of the EC seeks a post-Brexit Europe that will turn resolutely in the direction of closer integration among member states.

Prove Your Mettle: Top 10 Strongest Metals on Earth

Visual Capitalist | |

If the world is going to move towards a more sustainable and efficient future, metals—both tough and smart—are going to be critical.

Sustainability and Innovation in Latin American Mining

Craig Dempsey | |

The intersection between mining – a leading revenue generator for many in Latin America – and environmental conservation is an area of increasing importance.

Here’s Why Rising Temperatures Are Very Real

Harry Dent | |

Global urbanization is the biggest driver of CO2 pollution.

Palladium: The Secret Weapon in Fighting Pollution

Visual Capitalist | |

The rare metal is critical in reducing harmful emissions from gas-powered vehicles.

All the World’s Carbon Emissions in One Chart

Visual Capitalist | |

The most recent data from Global Carbon Atlas demonstrates the sources of most of the world’s CO₂ emissions.

Blockchain in Healthcare - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Health - How Blockchain technology can make health care systems more patient-centric and sustainable


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