Investing Strategies

The S&P 500 May Be About To Disappoint A Generation Of Investors | |

If the current cycle is like many that preceded it, there will be confusion, frustration and ultimately some very bad moves made by investors attempting to get a “quick-fix” in their portfolio.

Wayne Whaley's TOY Barometer - an Update

Jason Leavitt | |

Wayne Whaley's TOY Barometer is an extremely reliable seasonality indicator. Under a bullish signal last year, it was only the second time in 35 tries the indicator did not fulfill. In this report I update the data and look out another 12 months.

Money Mindset: How to Create More Abundance and Wealth

Andrew Deen | |

Personal financial success is a continuous learning process. Learn about the money mindset and how to create more abundance and wealth.

Successful Shorts from 2018

David Trainer | |

It pays to read our Danger Zone reports - the Danger Zone stocks averaged a -12% return in 2018 versus the S&P 500’s 8% decline, and outperformed as a short portfolio.

Your Response to Market Volatility Will Make All the Difference | |

Markets typically recover in a “V” shape manner, which means if you capitulate and sell during corrections you will likely miss out on some of the largest gains when the markets begins to recover.

​One Thing to Do in This Market

Rodney Johnson | |

It’s time to get to work.

Will the Markets Explode One Last Time?

Harry Dent | |

Most analysts see a deep correction here and then modest gains and only slight new highs in 2019.

​As Sam Sees It: There’s More Than One Way Investors Can Let Their Winners Ride

Sam Stovall | |

Sometimes, simplicity works best.

Investing for Retirement – Getting the Right Advice

Jeremy Biberdorf | |

What have you got planned for when you retire from your career? This is an important question to answer, especially when it comes to finances. It may seem like retirement is a way off yet, but the time goes faster than you might think, and you need to figu

Protecting Yourself From Bad Financial Advice

Kim Snider | |

A good financial advisor can help make or break your portfolio. In this article, I'm going to explain in-depth how to protect yourself from bad financial advice.

Emerging Growth

Margaux Resources Ltd.

Margaux Resources Ltd is a Calgary based resource company. The Company is focused on its Jersey Emeral Tungsten-Zinc property located in the southeast portion of British Columbia.


Truth on Trial: Implications for Communicators – Part III

Truth on Trial” is just one of a series of forums put on by the Schar School of Policy & Government, whose panelists are among the most influential legal, communications,…

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