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Competing ESG scores show only minimal correlation. | |

Investors poured $2.89 billion into muni funds last week, the highest total since 1992 and the 53rd straight week of inflows.

Guild Investment Management | |

The US didn't cause China's slowdown... but the trade war has added critical stress.

Frank Holmes | |

The US Dollar Index displayed a specific bearish signal last week that we haven’t seen since May 2017.

Ricky Wen | |

We're witnessing continued momentum in the S&P 500 with no signs of price deterioration.

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Laurence Fink said in his influential annual letter to CEOs Tuesday that we are “on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance” because of a warming planet.

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If Gulf War III is ultimately averted in 2020, the U.S. economy should reward us with re-accelerating earnings growth, an election cycle and unemployment at 50-year lows

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EUR/USD has been reaching the limits of its advance. Optimism about US-China relations counter fears of US-EU deterioration.

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Investors have shrugged off a panoply of world events to keep driving this market higher.

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Investors should keep a very close eye on the Fed's balance sheet because when it reverts, these markets are in for a whole lot of pain.

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