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HOLLY: “Power Hour Long” Leads 6 Other Trade Ideas


The strategy continues to lead.

The Trump Trade will also have a Trump Turn

Steve Kanaval | |

Just simply predicting turns in markets is not enough. You need to say where, when and why. You also need to keep score as the worlds largest hedge fund gets in attribute to Wikipedia

Viking (VKIN): Engages Leading Oil & Gas Operator for New Leases

Steve Kanaval | |

KRDC is a premier operating company in Kansas and Missouri and through its affiliates has over 1,000 wells under management. KRDC's executives have decades of experience in the oil & gas sector.

Trump Exuberant Positions on Infrastructure and Manufacturing Position These Stocks

Equities Staff | |

While some companies mentioned here saw increases possibly because of news or maybe continuing momentum from a successful IPO, others are seeing success because a rising tide rises all boats.

Bombay Bomb: India IT Stocks Slip Amid Worries about Stricter Visas

Associated Press | |

NEW DELHI (AP) — The shares of top Indian IT companies are falling in response to news of proposed U.S. legislation that would require salaries for H-1B visa holders to be doubled

ESES' Stock Jumps Nearly 50% on News of Premium Contract

Equities Staff | |

ESES' Stock Jumps Nearly 50% on News of Premium Contract They started January 30 at $.80, and ended at a solid $2.00. On average, 170,000 shares trade, but today the company saw over 20m trade hands

Does More Information Necessarily Mean More Money?

Andrew Stotz | |

The value of information is central to all parts of investing...

U.S. Materials Stocks Look Good

Guild Investment Management | |

Who's best-positioned in this new environment?

These Are 3 Bold Predictions from Bank Credit Analyst for 2017

John Mauldin | |

This is potentially a major shift for equity valuations.

HOLLY: “Power Hour Long” Leads 9 Other Trade Ideas


Stay ready for anything.

Emerging Growth

Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

Moseda Technologies Inc provides mobile and IT cloud computing to increase operational efficiency and security. It develops SmartFleet, a solution designed for commercial use, as well as SmartCare, a mHealth…

Private Markets


D-Wave Systems is the first quantum computing company. Its mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation to help solve…

MyForce, Inc.

As parents, we constantly worry about the safety of our loved ones. The media bombards us with incidents from across the nation school shootings, frequent assaults on campuses, and crimes…


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