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Tesla is the 1st publicly listed US automaker to cross $100 billion in market cap, more than Ford and GM combined.

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According to Wayne Whaley, the most predictive period of the year is Nov 19 - Jan 19. I discuss the indicator and what the signal is going forward.

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The CME launched bitcoin options. Who will be first with a bitcoin ETF? | |

Ongoing geopolitical tensions and slowing global growth will contribute to persistently low and negative yields in 2020.

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Institutional investors, many of whom will be in Davos for the annual meeting of the WEF this week, say part of the answer is a new “temperature score.”

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David Tepper is going to take his horse and ride till he can’t no more.

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I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say that 2019 exceeded expectations for a great number of investors.

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Next price targets on the weekly chart are $1090, $1130 and $1215.

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Tim Kohn is eKohnomics on Twitter and Fintwit’s dumb football player, drafted in 1997 in the 3rd round by the Raiders. | |

This isn't Volcker's Fed anymore.

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