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It's Not Just Amazon's Fault. Changing Consumer Habits Are Killing Old Retail Biz

Vitaliy Katsenelson | |

Online sales represent only 8.5% of total retail sales, and Amazon, at $80 billion in sales, accounts only for 1.5% of total U.S. retail sales,

HOLLY: “Looking For Bounce” Leads 10 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 11 strategies selected today 10 are Long, bullish in outlook. 1 is Short, bearish in outlook.

Democratic Voting Portfolios: The Future of Millennial Investment

Voleo | |

The internet tends to reward the odd and the extreme.

​As the Dollar Drops, These Stocks Rock

MoneyShow | |

​An August Market Slide?

MoneyShow | |

The time is nigh for the August-September slide.

​Why College Is the Best Time to Start Investing

Lucy Wyndham | |

One of the best ways to ensure your future is to start investing early.

HOLLY: “Buyers Stepping In” Leads 14 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 15 strategies selected today 11 are Long, bullish in outlook. 4 are Short, bearish in outlook.

​Top Qualities of Successful Traders

Michael S. Young | |

Here are a few shared traits of highly successful traders are.

​Volatility: A Dangerous Game Made Safe

Harry Dent | |

The fact that the VIX has hit its lowest levels ever this year is of course prompting concern that a bear market is lurking in the shadows.

​As Sam Sees It: Investors May Need to Prepare for Some “Fire and Fury”-Induced Volatility

Sam Stovall | |

Here's why investors shouldn't venture too far out on the risk curve right now.

Emerging Growth

Singlepoint Inc

SinglePoint Inc is a mobile technology company engaged in mobile payments, mobile giving, and mobile bidding. It operates mobile commerce and communications platform to accept mobile credit card payments.

Private Markets


Voleo is a free download that allows you to form investment clubs with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, teammates…basically anyone you know and trust. Invest and manage a stock portfolio…

California Green Tree Development

California Green Tree Development LLC (CGTD) is a for-profit LLC that plans on using California’s booming market of legal cannabis products for medical purposes. As an unprecedented resource, Cannabis has…


Crowd Invest Summit

Crowd Invest Summit is a crowdfunding conference and expo with a mission to educate and bring together accredited and non-accredited investors with startups, issuers, and real estate investment opportunities.Use code…

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