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Ballard Inks $25M Deal With Broad-Ocean For Fuel Cell Engine Manufacture & Sales in China

Steve Kanaval | |

Randy MacEwen, Ballard CEO said, “Converging macro trends in China, including large-scale urbanization, continued build-out of mass urban transportation, degrading air quality and a mandate to address climate change,

Canada Jetlines Ltd (JET): Coming Public in Late February Adding an Exciting New Airline

Steve Kanaval | |

Canada Jetlines Ltd. and Jet Metal have been satisfied. Jet Metal and Jetlines intend to close on February 28th with business objectives of Jetlines in launching a low cost airline.

Microcap Shares Lead the Way with a 17.6% Rise since Election Day

Equities Staff | |

Eye on Emerging Stocks with Current Inexpensive Valuations. Smaller companies have the least exposure to international concerns such as offshoring or border taxes. We envision that any rotation out of large, global corporations because of these concerns wo

Why My Retirement Strategy Is Not Like Yours

Harry Dent | |

There's more than one way to retire...

HOLLY: “Horseshoe Up” Leads 10 Other Trade Ideas


Of the 24 stocks traded yesterday, 21 were long and 3 stocks traded short.

The Bull Market No One Believes In

Clif Droke | |

We're in a bull... believe it or not.

​Spotlighting a Few Valentine’s Day Ideas For Modern-Day Romantics

Spotlight Companies | |

Fall in love with these companies...

How Accurate Are Financial Analyst Earnings Forecasts?

Andrew Stotz | |

Optimism is great... unless it leads to losses.

​What Does a Balanced Portfolio Look Like to You?

Chuck Fulkerson | |

Balance can be subjective.

Silver Set for Retreat

Andy Waldock | |

Silver has rallied about 20% since its Christmas low.

Emerging Growth

Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

Moseda Technologies Inc provides mobile and IT cloud computing to increase operational efficiency and security. It develops SmartFleet, a solution designed for commercial use, as well as SmartCare, a mHealth…

Private Markets


D-Wave Systems is the first quantum computing company. Its mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation to help solve…

MyForce, Inc.

As parents, we constantly worry about the safety of our loved ones. The media bombards us with incidents from across the nation school shootings, frequent assaults on campuses, and crimes…


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