Investing Strategies

Downtrend to Continue?

Sunshine Profits | |

The broad stock market got close to its January's record high recently, as investors' sentiment improved following quarterly corporate earnings, economic data releases.

​Momentum Divergences Flashing Warnings Signs for QQQ & FAANG Stocks

Mike Paulenoff | |

Here's what makes this a very precarious big-picture set up.

Oil and Energies on the Move Lower

Chris Vermeulen | |

​If you have been following our analysis and research of the Crude Oil trend and the energy sector, you know we've been suggesting Crude would attempt a move lower and attempt to retest the $58~63 level.

The Big Plunge in Stocks? Look to Emerging Markets

Leo Kolivakis | |

Is it time to panic yet? Not necessarily because emerging markets could retest their lows and then bounce back strong. It all depends on how this plays out.

Warren Buffett's Investing Continues to Evolve Even at 87

Associated Press | |

Buffett is still finding new places to invest decades after he started, even though his basic approach of finding businesses selling for less than they are worth hasn't changed much.

The 3 Best Investment Opportunities for High Net Worth Investors

John Mauldin | |

You should read this even if you aren’t wealthy. You might get there someday and it will help prepare you for it. “Someday” could be sooner than you think, too.

A Wall Street Veteran: If It Weren’t for Cash, I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today

Jared Dillian | |

Cash gives you liquidity. And if you have liquidity, then you have opportunities.

Interesting Investments: Whisky

Avery-Taylor Phillips | |

There are a few reasons whisky might be worth your investment. For one, rare and limited whisky has seen a 25 percent annual return in the past decade.

The Official and Ceremonial Vehicles of World Leaders

Visual Capitalist | |

Transporting world leaders from A-to-B is a complex endeavor, and some pretty amazing vehicles are used to get the job done.

More Uncertainty as Stocks Got Closer to January Record High

Sunshine Profits | |

The nearest important level of support of the S&P 500 index remains at around 2,850, marked by the recent level of resistance.

Emerging Growth

Margaux Resources Ltd.

Margaux Resources Ltd is a Calgary based resource company. The Company is focused on its Jersey Emeral Tungsten-Zinc property located in the southeast portion of British Columbia.


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