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The Market is Shaky At Best

The Market is Shaky At Best | |

Discussion of economic indicators around the globe including the election, Italy and the Eurozone and the rising dollar and interest rates.

3 Triggers That Could Push This Sell-Off Into a Crisis

John Mauldin | |

​There’s very real possibility the global economy breaks down in the next six months.

How Being Short Enables Investors to Be More Long

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

Short selling is essential part of the marketplace, but the trickier part of course is doing it right and doing it well, and that is much, much tougher.

The Buyback Bull Is Back?

Leo Kolivakis | |

So what to make of the stock buyback hoopla? It's hard to say, actually.

HOLLY: “Nickelback” Leads 22 Other Trade Ideas


Of these 23 strategies selected today 14 are Long, bullish in outlook. 9 are Short, bearish in outlook.

​Euro Remains an Outsider

RoboForex | |

European currency continues falling against the USD. Investors have been selling the pair for the fourth week in a row without making any significant pauses.

4 Tips and Resources to Help Boost Investment IQ for Novice Investors

Howard Goldstein | |

Investment decisions driven by euphoria have seen novice investors lose tons of cash on various investment instruments, a trend that’s become especially popular with cryptocurrencies.

Opportunity Funds + Real Estate: A Match Made in Heaven


EquityMultiple's perspective on Opportunity Funds and Opportunity Zones - a potential seachange in real estate equity investing.

The Dangers of Insider Trading

Richard Parker | |

Insider trading undermines the faith the public has in the market and also causes harm to investors.

Will Oil Find Support Near $60?

Chris Vermeulen | |

Our research team warned of this move in Crude Oil back on October 7, 2018. At that time, we warned that Oil may follow a historical price pattern, moving dramatically lower and that lows near $65 may become the ultimate bottom for that move.