Technical Analysis

Interest Rates, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar

Chris Vermeulen | |

Video discussion on currency and interest rates.

US Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged – The Shake-Out Begins

Chris Vermeulen | |

Breaking down the recent decision by the Fed to not change rates.

Elliott Wave Principle: What Does $318 Mean for SPY?

Elliottwave Forecast | |

The Elliott wave priniciple is a technical analysis method that traders use to analyze the market and identify trends by using the relationship between highs and lows.

How Close Are The Markets From Topping?

Chris Vermeulen | |

We are going to paint a clear picture of the upside potential coming for the markets.

Q2 2019 - This is Not How Tops Form

Jason Leavitt | |

Some say a large top is forming, but structurally the charts are more similar to 2015/16 than to the Dot Com bubble and Financial Crisis. Odds favor a breakout and a significant move up from here.

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) Aiming for New All Time Highs

Elliottwave Forecast | |

The largest bank in the US weathered the 2008 financial crisis as its stock has doubled pre-crisis levels.

Low Volatility in Gold = Interesting Option Strategies

Ilan Levy-Mayer | |

Historical low volatility in gold may be a sign of upcoming storm as well as presenting some unique options strategies with options on futures.

Weekly Price Action Preview: AUDUSD, GBPJPY, NZDJPY and OIL v USD

Johnathon Fox | |

Weekly Price Action Trade Ideas Preview

Markets Are Setting Up A Shake-Out – Be Prepared

Chris Vermeulen | |

We think it is time to start warning of increased market volatility and the potential for a market “shake-out” to happen.

Can Caterpillar See More Upside After Earnings? 

Elliottwave Forecast | |

In today's blog, we examine the price action in Caterpillar around the latest earnings numbers.