Technical Analysis

Adaptive Price Modeling Suggests Big Rotation In US Dow Stocks

Chris Vermeulen | |

Our research has led us to predict some large shifts in the market. Read on to find out more!

Extended Gold Mega Base Could Prompt An Incredible Rally

Chris Vermeulen | |

2020: The Next US Election Can Create a Big Market Pullback

Elliottwave Forecast | |

How we're viewing the next presidential election from a technical angle.

US Memorial Day Weekend Market Analysis

Chris Vermeulen | |

The US Memorial Day weekend is set up to become a very interesting time for investors. Today's article details the various, intertwined, reasons why.

Bitcoin Stalls Near $8100

Chris Vermeulen | |

After an incredible 7+week rally in Bitcoin, from $3700 to above $8000, the current price action is setting up for what may become an extended Pennant/Flag formation with quite a bit of sideways trading ahead.

Eye Opening Currency Charts – Why Metals Are Falling

Chris Vermeulen | |

The incredible strength of the US Dollar over the past 12+ months has put downward pricing pressure on Gold and Silver. Read More to get our take on where this is going!

Global Economic Tensions Translate Into Oil Volatility

Chris Vermeulen | |

We reveal our views on the near-term direction of crude oil.

Oil, Hot Stocks, and Currencies - Part III

Chris Vermeulen | |

This Part III of our Sector Rotation article will highlight certain sectors that we believe may continue to perform over the next 12 to 24+ months...

Weekly Price Action Preview: AUDCAD, GBPCHF, AUS200 & SILVER

Johnathon Fox | |

Markets Discussed in This Week's Price Action Trades Weekly Preview: AUDCAD, GBPCHF, AUS200 and SILVER.

US vs. Global Sector Rotation – What Next? Part 1

Chris Vermeulen | |

In the midst of evolving trade deals and EU elections, where are we going next? Today's article dives deeper into the ongoing price rotations.