Technical Analysis

Elves will be Elves...

Mike Turner | |

A week ago this past Friday, I made the decision to significantly increase my long holdings. I was up or close to breakeven in most positions. Call premiums were skyrocketing higher. I wanted to

Is Greece Kicking the Can Down the Road?

Mike Turner | |

From BBE to KCDR...Or... Just another 'Too-Big-To-Fail-Free-Market-Manipulation-Scheme'? Actually, could it be both?For you who are new readers of my missives, "BBE" is what I call, the "Big

SaviCorp Debuts Next Generation DynoValve

Spotlight Companies | |

A recent Japanese study indicated that Global carbon dioxide emissions may rise by 7 percent by 2035 should the Fukushima nuclear disaster slow the pace of expansion in atomic power

Want Someone to Show You the Money?

Gordon Scott | |

By now I’m feeling quite vindicated by the market’s action. Having written two weeks ago that the current market conditions were unlikely to produce a significant pullback, I am actually quite

Market Has Lots of Mixed Signals... But, I Have the Strategy!

Mike Turner | |

Out of the 50 broad-market time-cycle indicators that I use to trade this market, 17 are signaling a Bear-Market Super-Cycle this coming week; and, 7 are signaling a Bull-Market Super-Cycle.All 9

Waiting for a Pullback

Gordon Scott | |

Since the S&P 500 index had such a strong rise during the past several trading sessions, it is only natural for traders to consider taking profits and wait for a pullback. The problem is that

Bad... But, Is It Bad Enough?

Mike Turner | |

This past Monday (Oct. 3) was the worst start for any October since 1998 for the S&P 500 and the DJIA. The real question is, "Was that the bottom and has the 'all-clear' been sounded?" I don't

A Forecast for the Fourth-Quarter

Mike Turner | |

It is ever so much easier to just sit back and let the market come to you and trade accordingly, than to attempt to hazard a guess about the upcoming quarter, but what's the fun in that?Against

Where Is This Market Headed?...

Mike Turner | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 6.4 percent last week; the worst performance in three years.Stock prices, on average when compared to expected future profits, are now nearly as low as they

Resurgent Greek Default Fears Send Futures Down 2%

Scott Redler | |

US stock futures are down nearly 2% Monday morning mainly due to resurgent fears about a possible Greek debt default. Last weekend, Greece was able to avert a bond default, and it triggered