Technical Analysis

Wild Action Ahead in the Copper Market

Wild Action Ahead in the Copper Market

Andy Waldock | |

Copper prices are currently being capped by producers selling their forward production. Can the speculative surge in buying push the market to one last new high?

Traders Expect Continued Downward Pressure on GBPUSD Pair

Daffa Zaky | |

any rebound is more likely to be a ‘dead cat bounce’ than a major change in direction of the exchange rate between GBP and USD.

Global Market Are Shifting Away From US Price Correlation

Chris Vermeulen | |

Here is further evidence that the global markets are, in fact, shifting away from a price correlation to the US stock market.

Natural Gas Setup for 32% Move in UGAZ Fund

Chris Vermeulen | |

As we all know a picture says 1000 words, which is one of the reasons why I gravitated to trading using technical analysis.

​Day Trading Comex Gold Futures...Contrary to Conventional Wisdom

Ilan Levy-Mayer | |

As with any risk taking, timing is key.

US Majors Flush Out a Major Pivot Low and What’s Next

Chris Vermeulen | |

The US markets could be rotating a bit lower after a number of news events.

Oil Targeting $58 ppb Before Finding Support

Chris Vermeulen | |

As long as the $60.00 ppb is not breached, the Monthly Fibonacci price modeling system trend is “Bullish” and a move to below $58.00 would change the trend to “Bearish”.

Visualizing the Future of Media and Entertainment

Visual Capitalist | |

The way people consume media has already changed significantly over your lifetime.

7 Technical Indicators You Should Try If You're Interested in Day Trading

Due | |

Technical indicators are statistical tools you can use to improve your chances of trading effectively. But why are they so important, and how can you learn to use them?

​What to Expect in Small-Cap ETFs, Emerging Markets, Floating Rate Bonds

MoneyShow | |

Stocks have digested a lot of bad news without falling significantly, which is bullish.