Bad Stocks Propped Up By A Good Economy

Bad Stocks Propped Up By A Good Economy

David Trainer | |

The fundamental flaws we originally identified remain in place, and these businesses will be extremely vulnerable when economic conditions worsen.

More Broken Promises from Tesla

David Trainer | |

A decrease in investment helps produce positive cash flow in the short-term, but further decreases the chances of the company justifying its valuation over the long-term.

All The Reasons Why Netflix Is Doomed

David Trainer | |

We’ve been bearish on Netflix for many years, and it seems as if the market is finally catching on.

Verint: This Tech Laggard Is Overvalued

David Trainer | |

This company’s earnings growth is an accounting mirage, its cloud prospects are overhyped, and its valuation implies an unrealistic level of growth.

Shake Shack's Growth Is Only Skin Deep

David Trainer | |

This company stands out for its falling return on invested capital, overvalued stock price, slowing revenue growth, and declining guest traffic.

Bitcoin Short Covering to Test the Magic $6,000 Level and Trigger Media Cycle Frenzy

Steve Kanaval | |

Fundamentals in Bitcoin are confusing, and you are better off not looking at them until the market matures. This asset class is not a stock or a bond — it is the flight to quality asset in waiting.

The Marijuana Metric: Re-Listing has Big Value for India Globalization Capital (NYSE:IGC)

Steve Kanaval | |

Shares of India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSE:IGC) were at .36 cents last Friday and closed Monday +250% speaking volumes about a listing on major exchanges for marijuana companies.

Massive Short Squeeze in China SXT Pharma (SXTC) +75%

Steve Kanaval | |

Shorting Chinese stocks is a risky proposition in 2019, and lessons learned will come with some pain.

Where We Went Wrong Shorting Stocks in 2018

David Trainer | |

We’re starting out the year by looking at where we went wrong and what we can learn from our worst-performing picks.

Understanding Short Sale Activity

R. Cromwell Coulson | |

Large investors who accumulate long positions are required to publicly disclose their holdings. Why then aren’t there disclosure obligations for large short sellers?


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