Fundamental Analysis

Bursting Another Tech Micro-Bubble

Bursting Another Tech Micro-Bubble

David Trainer | |

Although the overall stock market looks reasonably valued, there are pockets of extraordinary risk where stocks with 2000-bubble-like valuations lurk.

Why Markets are Worried About the Yield Curve

Visual Capitalist | |

The financial world is abuzz about something called the yield curve – this infographic explains what it is, and why an inversion matters to markets.

The Ingredients of an “Event”

Lance Roberts | |

As is always the case, an “event” is always the blame for major reversions rather than the actions which created the environment necessary for the crash to occur.

​As Sam Sees It: Investors Still Seem Undeterred by Escalating Trade War Rhetoric. Here’s Why

Sam Stovall | |

To paraphrase the old joke, “How do you find out if somebody went to an Ivy League college?”

Why Snapchat's Trainwreck Stock Will Never Have A Facebook Rebound

David Trainer | |

With mounting losses, slowing growth, and a stock that has fallen more than 50% from its IPO price, few people still view Spiegel as Snap’s greatest asset.

Small Cap Blend Style 3Q18: Best and Worst

David Trainer | |

Buying a fund without analyzing its holdings is like buying a stock without analyzing its business and finances.

Featured Stocks in September’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

David Trainer | |

17 new stocks made the Most Attractive list this month and 20 new stocks fall onto the Most Dangerous list this month.

CEOs That Focus on ROIC Outperform

David Trainer | |

The success of companies that prioritize capital allocation, along with pressure from the investment community, has led to a greater emphasis on ROIC among executives.

U.S. Money Reserve Weighs In on Upcoming Financial Crisis

Richard Parker | |

Many economists are beginning to warn that an economic downturn is inevitable.

​As Sam Sees It: A Market Run-Up Could Be in the Cards, But It May Not Last for Long

Sam Stovall | |

While the market is positioned for a nice fourth quarter pop in this midterm election year, don’t expect that angle of ascent to remain in 2019.

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