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P/E Ratios Are Misleading… Especially Right Now

P/E Ratios Are Misleading… Especially Right Now

David Trainer | |

P/E ratios are not a good measure of value, and that’s especially true this year. Investors that rely on P/E ratios are in the Danger Zone.

​China’s Exports and the Trade War

Guild Investment Management | |

Uncertainty surrounding Chinese economic resilience is causing investor optimism about global economic resilience to decline.

Recent Data Suggest What Could Be the Last Nail in This Bull’s Coffin

John Mauldin | |

​All good things come to an end, even economic growth cycles.

The End of the Tax Cut Boost

Lance Roberts | |

While the mainstream media, and the Administration, initially rushed to claim that tax cuts would lead to surging economic growth, wages, and employment, such has yet to be the case.

Featured Stocks in November’s Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

David Trainer | |

See two of the featured stocks from this month’s model portfolios.

Weekend Reading: Why This Isn’t “THE” Bear Market…Yet

Lance Roberts | |

Despite significant headwinds, there are three things which suggest the necessary psychological change for a more meaningful “mean reverting” event has yet to occur.

Oil Prices Are Confirming Global Reflation Is Over

Lance Roberts | |

Oil is a highly sensitive indicator relative to the expansion or contraction of the economy. The demand side of the equation is a tell-tale sign of economic strength or weakness.

Cutting Through the Noise to Find a Retail Gem

David Trainer | |

Those willing to do real fundamental research can find companies creating real shareholder value amidst a glut of overvalued and/or poorly run firms.

​As Sam Sees It: Should Investors Buy or Bail on This Dip?

Sam Stovall | |

While stocks enjoyed a nice move higher initially following the midterm elections, they’ve given back those gains and then some.

Financial Impact of Midterm Elections: Do the Markets Really Care About the Results?

Jason Hamlin | |

What do the experts have to say about where we are headed next?