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Is Rise in Unemployment Good?

Is Rise in Unemployment Good?

Sunshine Profits | |

​The U.S. unemployment rate rose in June. But here's why this is good for the economy.

Featured Stocks in Our Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

David Trainer | |

See two of the featured stocks from this month’s model portfolios.

​As Sam Sees It: What Trade War? Investors Are Eyeing the Market with Earnings-Tinted Glasses

Sam Stovall | |

With another strong earnings season in focus, investors can't be bothered by global trade tensions at the moment.

​Timing for Tesla’s China Announcement Seems Suspect

Michael Markowski | |

What is very disconcerting is that Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk has been increasingly fanatical about Tesla’s share price throughout June and July of 2018.

​Top Picks Mid-Year Winner: Twitter (TWTR)

MoneyShow | |

Not only has the stock rallied to new three-year highs, but it was recently added to the ranks of the benchmark S&P 500 Index.

​What Would You Get If You Crossed Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs? (Updated)

Vitaliy Katsenelson | |

Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is either praised as a visionary or called a Japanese cowboy.

​Q2 Should Be Solid, and Guidance Is Key. Bulls Hope for Breakout

MoneyShow | |

The bulls would like the reports to result in a breakout and possibly new highs in the S&P 500.

Featured Stocks in June’s Dividend Growth Model Portfolio

David Trainer | |

Get a look at last month’s top performers and a featured stock from June’s Model Portfolio.

​Tesla’s Unscalable Quality Control Revelation Cause of Extreme Share Price Decline

Michael Markowski | |

Tesla’s not having a scalable quality control in its manufacturing process is a logistics nightmare for the company. This is a big issue for any investor.

Is the DJIA Ready to Dive?

Chip Corley | |

Opinions are a mixed bag; believers see the glass half-full, doubters see it half-empty, and realists observe the glass to be cracked and a leaking sieve.