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​As Sam Sees It: Momentum Continues to Be Investors’ Friend

Sam Stovall | |

The Industry Momentum Portfolio has done a compound annual rate of growth of 12.5% versus the S&P 500’s gain of 8.4%.

​When Investing, Always Keep the Big Picture In Mind

Guild Investment Management | |

Unpopular presidents don’t kill bull markets; recessions do, and a recession isn’t close.

​As Sam Sees It: As the Momentum Turns

Sam Stovall | |

What should investors do when market leaders begin to underperform?

​As Sam Sees It: Investors Aren’t Feeling Great, and That Could Be a Good Thing

Sam Stovall | |

The current mood on Wall Street isn't exactly high at the moment.

​As Sam Sees It: Investors May Need to Prepare for Some “Fire and Fury”-Induced Volatility

Sam Stovall | |

Here's why investors shouldn't venture too far out on the risk curve right now.

​As Sam Sees It: Can Bulls Keep “Sell in May” at Bay?

Sam Stovall | |

Can stocks continue to break into all-time highs?

​As Sam Sees It: When Buying the Next Dip, Think Lucky Number 7

Sam Stovall | |

Interestingly, the averages of pullbacks, corrections and even bear markets have come in 7% increments.

​As Sam Sees It: Can the Market Break Even Higher From Here?

Sam Stovall | |

Are stocks in nosebleed territory now or can they climb higher?

​As Sam Sees It: What Can Investors Expect in the Second Half of 2017?

Sam Stovall | |

As the second half prepares to kick off, will the markets stay with the trends or break in a different direction?

If You Are an Active Fund Manager, This Just Sucks

John Mauldin | |

Does anybody care about good stocks versus bad stocks anymore?


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