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​As Sam Sees It: What Has the Market So Jittery?

Sam Stovall | |

Volatility is here to stay. How should investors adapt?

​As Sam Sees It: How to Beat the Market During Correction Recoveries

Sam Stovall | |

Will the market's recent dip prove to be just a minor speed bump?

​As Sam Sees It: Why This Pullback Could Be Good for Investors

Sam Stovall | |

While the market correction isn't necessarily over, investors should look to use the dip to their advantage.

​Top Picks 2018: Southern Michigan Bank Could be Part of a Small Bank Merger Trend

MoneyShow | |

They have almost no bad loans, strong management and a book value of $30.00 a share.

Dollar Cost Averaging versus Stop Losses

Dennis Miller | |

Dollar cost averaging is a simple premise, but is it always a good idea?

​As Sam Sees It: Will Q4 Fundamentals Be Good Enough to Justify Investor Bullishness?

Sam Stovall | |

Stocks are already bumping up against their 2018 targets.

Here's Investment Advice You've Probably Never Heard Before

Patrick Watson | |

Pay attention to that prospectus.

​How Nike Raises the Bar on Fundamentals

MoneyShow | |

Nike’s strong brand and product pipeline have enabled it to raise prices and increase sales of both its apparel and footwear.

​As Sam Sees It: Wall Street Lifts Expectations for 2018, But Should Investors Do the Same?

Sam Stovall | |

Consensus expectations for EPS growth are on the rise.

​As Sam Sees It: Does Tax Bill Passage Mean Santa Came Early for Wall Street?

Sam Stovall | |

What should investors be focusing on now?


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