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​As Sam Sees It: Stocks’ Trade Truce Aftermath Likely Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Sam Stovall | |

Investors started the week with optimism due to a trade truce between President Trump and President Xi. If Tuesday’s market action was any indication, that optimism has since gone by the wayside.

The Market Right Now Doesn't Care How Fantastic Your Stocks Are

Vitaliy Katsenelson | |

The performance of your stocks in the short run tells you absolutely nothing about what you own or about the quality of your decisions.

Stocks Are Up 5% in 5 Days: Bolt or Buy?

Chip Corley | |

A closer look at the S&P 500's future price-to-earnings ratio.

​As Sam Sees It: After a Rough Year, Investors Are Hoping for a Holiday Rally

Sam Stovall | |

Investors have had to deal with an ever-rising wall of worry, and trade has been the keystone in this “arch of agita."

Why You Should Buy Bad Mutual Funds on Purpose

Jared Dillian | |

Some people think of ETFs as short-term money, and mutual funds as long-term money. That’s a dumb way of looking at it, because both should be thought of as long-term money.

​As Sam Sees It: Is a Year-End Rally Still in Play for the S&P 500?

Sam Stovall | |

The clock is ticking for stocks to get into positive territory for the year.

​Three Life-Changing Investment Products

Paul Merriman | |

These three products mean that even the most ignorant, the most uninterested, the most naïve investor can get fair and fairly priced professional treatment from Wall Street.

​As Sam Sees It: Should Investors Buy or Bail on This Dip?

Sam Stovall | |

While stocks enjoyed a nice move higher initially following the midterm elections, they’ve given back those gains and then some.

Emperor Investments Stock Investing Solution - Robo-Advisor for Stock Investing

Barbara Friedberg | |

Newly launched fintech robo-advisor, Emperor Investments offers all-stock portfolios. New approach for this typically passive investing industry. Read Q & A with one of the founders.

​As Sam Sees It: With the Midterms Over, Investors Shouldn’t Wait Too Long on the Sidelines

Sam Stovall | |

While market volatility isn't going away, here's why investors should be encouraged by stocks and their potential to move higher.


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