CEO Hans Vestberg Putting Verizon Back on Growth Track: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Verizon is finally heading in the right direction and getting back on the growth track thanks to new CEO Hans Vestberg. Let's take a look at what they still need to do going forward.

Industry Analyst on Cisco 2022 Growth Challenges: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

What can we expect from Cisco in 2022? As an industry analyst, I have followed many companies like Cisco and others in the telecommunications sector for decades. Recently, due to issues like the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, supply chain delays and the coronavirus, it’s becoming more difficult for these companies to maintain balance and keep up with demand. Let’s take a look at the performance, challenges and what we can expect in 2022.

2022 Projections for Wireless, 5G, Smartphone Industry: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

2021 was a challenging year for the wireless and smartphone industry. Nevertheless, many in the industry continued to show strong growth thanks to 5G. Let's take a look at what can we expect in 2022.

Why 5G Wireless Is Not Yet Up To Speed: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

We have been hearing for years about the incredible speeds and low latency that 5G will bring. It seems that the advertising from major wireless carriers is getting our mouths watering in anticipation. We see the 5G icon on the screen and think we are getting those fast speeds now. When users actually test their speed using Ookla Speedtest or something similar, however, they are usually disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at the problem. When will we finally get access to the fast speeds and low latency that 5G offers?

Why Verizon Is Up and AT&T Is Still Down: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Both Verizon and AT&T are finally getting back on track focusing on 5G and wireless. Why is it that Verizon seems to be recovering more quickly than AT&T?

AT&T Needs To Strengthen Brand To Improve Value: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

AT&T CEO John Stankey says he understands how the AT&T brand has been weakened and damaged over the last decade. What's his plan to recover the brand and then the value it brings?

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile Brands Need Reinvigorating: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

At this year’s annual Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, and frankly from many other recent appearances, top executives from most communications companies said they are in a period of transition from who they were, to who they will become going forward. Let’s explore what this means to customers, workers and investors.

Can CEO John Stankey Save AT&T?: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Some good and bad news broke about AT&T recently. New CEO John Stankey says he is not satisfied with the company brand. The bad part is that the AT&T brand, which used to be among the best known and most powerful in the world, has been diluted and confused during the last decade. The good part is Stankey knows about this serious and growing problem. The next question is, can he fix it?

How John Legere Saved T-Mobile US: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

As a wireless analyst for more than thirty-years, I thought I had seen it all. I’ve commented on the success and failure, good moves and bad, of companies, products and services. Then John Legere suddenly entered the picture almost a decade ago as the CEO of T-Mobile US. He single-handedly saved T-Mobile, which at the time was the smallest of the major wireless carriers and was failing. Using some very unorthodox methods, he not only saved the company, but he turned it into a leader.

3G Wireless Shutdown Will Hurt AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

AT&T recently filed a response to the security and alarm companies' complaint that shutting down their 3G network at this time will have a negative impact on their industry. AT&T said this complaint is unwarranted and also said that it needs to shutdown 3G to help 5G grow. That’s only one side of the argument, however, and most users, investors and companies do not understand the ramifications. In fact, AT&T does not seem to understand how this shutdown will hurt them as well.

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