Jeff Kagan: Why Apple Violates User Privacy with Siri

Jeff Kagan: Why Apple Violates User Privacy with Siri

Jeff Kagan | |

Why Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Android, Cortana and AI in general invades user privacy and what can be done to protect users.

Who Governs the Internet? | |

Hint: It's not self-governing.

Rise of the Robots: How Can the Next Generation Compete?

Visual Capitalist | |

How automation and AI are accelerating the skill shift needed for the future of work.

How IoT Is Disrupting Mining in a Major Way

Marin Katusa | |

In a few years, there will be at least 50 billion devices connected to the internet.

What Does the Future of the Internet Look Like?

Maggie Kimberl | |

By next year, there will be 20 billion devices worldwide connected to the internet.

Self-Driving Taxis? Not So Fast

Guild Investment Management | |

The hurdles for self-driving cars remain high... Meanwhile, we're long term India bulls, and the Fed has signaled rate cuts.

Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) Looks Undervalued After Recent Declines

Market Bulls | |

Examining this provider of technology-driven solutions for the insurance industry.

The Good and the Bad of Job Automation

Patrick Watson | |

Labor-saving technology, while beneficial to everyone over time, has a different short-term effect. It enables higher productivity in a smaller number of people. And that's a problem.


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