Four Fundamental Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

Four Fundamental Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

Andy Hecht | |

While some analysts and traders believe that the metals will experience a deeper correction, I believe that any price weakness in the gold and silver markets will turn out to be a buying opportunity.

A Simple But Elegant Resolution in the Metals Market

Avi Gilburt | |

The next break out in gold and silver should be a strong move to the upside and should begin over the next few months.

Gold Bugs And Theorists Unite – Another 'Manipulation' Indictment

Avi Gilburt | |

Market manipulation did NOT cause the massive correction in precious metals earlier this decade.

Gold Heats Up and Silver Joins the Race

Frank Holmes | |

Silver finally plays “catch up” to gold, hitting a 52-week high.

My Biggest 'Fear' For Silver

Avi Gilburt | |

I think silver will hold support at $15.90... but be wary if it doesn't.

Silver "Shocks" the Market

Avi Gilburt | |

Keep an eye on the $15.45 support level.


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