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3 Reasons Why I See Further Upside Potential for Gold Prices

3 Reasons Why I See Further Upside Potential for Gold Prices

Frank Holmes | |

Buying the dips in gold now could turn out to be a wise investment in this global economic environment.

Gold Bugs And Theorists Unite – Another 'Manipulation' Indictment

Avi Gilburt | |

Market manipulation did NOT cause the massive correction in precious metals earlier this decade.

The Silver Series: The Start of a New Gold-Silver Cycle (Part 1 of 3)

Visual Capitalist | |

Outlining some key indicators that point to a coming gold-silver cycle in which exposure to hard assets may help to protect wealth.

Buying Pullbacks in Silver and Gold

Andy Hecht | |

Over-extensions of gold and silver led to reversals at the end of last week, but the long-term technicals and fundamentals continue to point higher.

Can Precious Metals Break Out Again?

Avi Gilburt | |

Caution is indicated near term, but I expect to see much higher levels in the complex over the longer term.

Silver "Shocks" the Market

Avi Gilburt | |

Keep an eye on the $15.45 support level.

Silver Will Pause Before Going Higher

Chris Vermeulen | |

Silver will likely find resistance near $15.60 and move slightly lower before another upside leg occurs.

Gold Rockets Higher — Do You Own One of the Top 20 Gold Mines?

Marin Katusa | |

With gold showing some strength, are we through the valley of darkness?


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