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Australia’s highest court on Wednesday made a landmark ruling that media outlets are “publishers” of allegedly defamatory comments posted by third parties on their official Facebook pages.

The High Court dismissed an argument by some of Australia’s largest media organizations — Fairfax Media Publications, Nationwide News and Australian News Channel — that for people to be publishers, they must be aware of the defamatory content and intend to convey it.

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France’s competition regulator announced Tuesday that it has fined Google 500 million euros ($592 million) over a dispute with French publishers who want the company to pay for the use of their news.

The agency threatened fines of another 900,000 euros (around $1 million) per day if Google doesn’t produce proposals within two months on how it will compensate news producers.

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A deal to sell one of the country’s largest newspaper chains, Tribune Publishing Company, has been approved by its shareholders.

On Friday, Tribune announced that investors signed off on a roughly $630 million bid from Alden Global Capital, a New York-based hedge fund that already owns nearly one-third of the publishing company.