​Europe Could Have Bigger Issues Beyond Brexit

Harry Dent | |

Is this the beginning of the end for the EU?

Jobs You Can Get with a CFA

Ryan Bhandari | |

The test to become a chartered financial analyst is regularly considered to be one of the toughest standardized tests out there. There are three levels of the exam, and a work requirement of four

Here's Why Bank of America Is Still Undervalued

Guest Author | |

While Fed starts tapering, the interest rate is likely to go up sometime in the near future. In the meantime, Bank of America's (BAC) interest margins are going up and non-interest income

High-Yield Blue-Chip Banks

Jacob Harper | |

Dividend investing can be a safe, effective way to play the market. Many companies are loathe to pay out too much of a guaranteed return to investors, assuming they want to keep the money to spend

Three Stocks Analysts Like in an Ascending Triangle Pattern

Joel Anderson | |

As bullish chart patterns go, the ascending triangle is a good one. Unlike the downward wedge, where a stock that’s trending down is hypothetically approaching a breakout, an ascending

Banks to Begin Foreclosure Reimbursements on April 12th

Michael Teague | |

On Tuesday, the Board of the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released a joint statement announcing that as of April 12, 4.2 million borrowers whose homes were

Has the Stock Market Discounted Default?

George Brooks | |

Not raising the debt ceiling (default on certain obligations) would have disastrous consequences.Until Friday, the stock market had been telling us NOT to worry, it’ll happen in one form or


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Blockchain in Digital Identity - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Identity