​New Technology Cuts Down Impurities Associated with Hangovers

Spotlight Companies | |

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) is poised to disrupt an entire industry because it presents a unique way to produce spirits that are less likely to cause hangovers.

​These Clues Tell You If a Company Is Making a Dumb Acquisition

Vitaliy Katsenelson | |

Why is it that most large acquisitions fail?

​Investors Pay Attention: Manufacturing Will Change Radically

Guild Investment Management | |

What are the advantages to be gained by digital integration into manufacturing?

Awe-gmented Reality: Why AR Will Change the World Like the Internet Did

Sophic Capital | |

The future is just beginning to take shape.

The Bitter Aftertaste of Russian Forged Cookies...

Zafar Khan | |

Cybersecurity is apolitical...

Jeff Kagan: Cloud Analyst Sees Growth Accelerating

Jeff Kagan | |

2015 looks like the time when we are all going to start Riding the Cloud. The heat will be turned way up on Cloud adoption. It is going to start becoming mainstream. We have been playing around

Financial Myths: “Don’t Laugh, This Isn’t Reality TV” Part II

Michael McTague | |

This Jack Nicholson line from The Departed shows he was onto something. Reality TV may resemble the way things work more than we would like to think. The Myth Buster realizes that the topic

Jeff Kagan: Give Sprint Time to Reinvent

Jeff Kagan | |

Sprint Corporation (S) is a wireless company that is going through a very important reinvention. Think about Sprint as a caterpillar, which wrapped itself in a cocoon and will soon re-emerge as

Financial Myths: 80% of Success is Showing Up, Part II

Michael McTague | |

Attributed to Woody Allen, this myth clearly bears investigating. As we saw in Part I, the “showing up” factor is a powerful tool, flying in the face of mathematical modeling and

Jeff Kagan: Tablet Sales Slump, Notebooks Come Back

Jeff Kagan | |

So tablet sales are slowing. And notebooks, they are still with us. Hmm. Even though I don’t understand my kids at all, it seems over the last few years I was right about this. I have been

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