Looking at Google’s True Dominance Over the Web

Visual Capitalist | |

This chart shows Google is even more dominant than you might have guessed.

Dropbox Makes a Big Splash in the Equities Pool

Luis Aureliano | |

The Dropbox IPO came at an interesting time in the industry.

The Global Reform Wave Rolls On

Guild Investment Management | |

A global trend that is bringing to light the things that were once hidden bodes very well for economic growth and vitality in the countries where it is occurring.

Spotify Saved the Record Companies — and Now It Might Kill Them

Guild Investment Management | |

What seemed like salvation to the record companies may increasingly be understood as extremely effective competition.

Amazon vs. Google: The Battle for Smart Speaker Market Share

Visual Capitalist | |

Amazon and Google - tech giants are investing billions to get into your living room.

Big Tech’s Regulatory Reckoning Coming Soon? Probably Not

Guild Investment Management | |

2017 has been a year for the big, dominant U.S. technology companies.

Alphabet's DeepMind Becomes Superhuman…

Guild Investment Management | |

​DeepMind’s superhuman AI promises solutions to impossible problems.

​Internet Marketing's Growth Story Is Still Strong

Guild Investment Management | |

Internet advertising is not going away.

How E-Commerce Can Actually Create More, Better-Paying Jobs and Boosts Productivity

Guild Investment Management | |

There's a growing sense that public opinion might be starting to turn against the tech industry. Is it warranted?

Why Quantum Computing Matters

Guild Investment Management | |

The death of Moore’s Law may simply mark the next acceleration of technological transformation.

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