Sodastream Needs a Savior

Jacob Harper | |

Any company built on the back of a single product is extremely vulnerable. And not just to a competitor who can produce a knockoff that’s just as good. Single product companies that rely on

Price of an Average Cup of Coffee Likely to Rise Again

Jacob Harper | |

A worse than expected drought in Brazil is expected in the coming weeks, causing the price of coffee to rise in expectation of a harvest shortfall. Brazil’s Arabica crop is expected to fall

More Bubbling Rumors of a SodaStream Buyout Reach the Surface

Remy Merritt | |

Just before noon, trading of SodaStream International Ltd. (SODA) was briefly halted on talks of a buyout. Once reopened, shares jumped a modest 9.8% to $33.01 apiece, up from a stagnant two

Coca-Cola Gets into the Home Carbonation Wars

Jacob Harper | |

While most consumer goods companies sell a diverse array of products, or have at least a handful differentiated offerings, there are a select few that have found success with basically a single

Green Mountain Needs a Second Product

Jacob Harper | |

There’s a problem with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) . And it’s not the (alleged) shady accounting that got noted short-seller David Einhorn to take out a massive bet against

The Most Influential Business Media Personalities

Joe Goldman | |

Now more than ever, business media strives to both entertain and inform their viewership. Investors can turn on CNBC for an entire trading day and not hear the same conversation more than once.

Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) Sharply Divides Investment Community, Again

Jacob Harper | |

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) The makers of the wildly popular single-serving coffee “K-Cups” posted fiscal fourth quarter earnings after the bell on Nov. 20, and the company

DJIA Back Above 16,000 as Wall Street Snaps 3-Day Slide

Michael Teague | |

Stocks rallied to big gains on Thursday, snapping a 3-day losing streak as Wall Street reacted the Labor Depratment’s weekly jobless claims data. The Standard & Poor’s 500 ended

The Bears are Back Out on Green Mountain Coffee

Jacob Harper | |

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ($GMRC) has built their empire largely on the back of a solitary product line, the Keurig coffee machine and their corresponding “K-cups.” This reliance

Kitchen Gadget Companies are Riding High

Jacob Harper | |

Most companies that truck in a single gimmicky product don’t last long. For a consumer goods company to have staying power, they have to establish a product that is, or at least becomes, an

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