Funny Ticker Symbols Revisited: New Symbols and Performance

Joe Goldman | |

The FUNY Index is a fabricated, diversified index comprised of 20 stocks and ETFs from the NYSE and NASDAQ, all of which trade under funny or clever ticker symbols. Over the previous year,

The Triumph of the Joke: Our Funny Ticker Symbols Prevail

Jacob Harper | |

In June we here at Equities created a portfolio called the FUNY Index, comprised of all the stocks and ETFs we could find with intentionally humorous ticker symbols. We backdated to the beginning

6 General Entertainment Stocks For Mid-Summer

Michael Teague | |

It is almost one month after the solstice and the summer season is in full swing. As New York City gets cooked under a brutal heat wave, with temperatures for Thursday edging near to 100 degrees

Funny Ticker Symbols Revisited: Performance Over the Last Month

Joe Goldman | |

Last month, explored the performance of funny ticker stocks versus the S&P 500 during the November-June bull market. The FUNY Index, thanks to strong diversification and stellar

Investing in Funny Ticker Symbols: Does It Actually Work?

Joe Goldman | |

Since the recent bull market began on November 15, 2012, investors could have randomly selected a diverse portfolio of stocks and would likely be up on their money. Since that date, the S&P

Playing the IPO Market: Is Fairway Group the Next IPO Disaster?

Francis Gaskins | |

Last week saw a mixed bag of IPOs on the market, with several stronger performers, and others not so much. Meanwhile, one particularly name may be a solid candidate for joining the ranks of

Fun Stock Tickers for a Down Day in the Market

Joel Anderson | |

It can be easy to let something like the stock market consume your life. Odds are, at any time, there’s an exchange open somewhere. What’s more, any piece of news from around the globe,

Top Four Huge-Yield Stocks With Bullish Potential

Joel Anderson | |

A dividend yield over 5 percent represents an outstanding annual return to look forward to. That being said, a dividend yield of 10 percent is outstanding, the sort of stock that can anchor a

Top Five Dividends with Growth Potential

Joel Anderson | |

Dividends, strictly speaking, are not traditionally accompanied by strong growth in share value over time. The purpose of a dividend, which gives profits away to investors rather than reinvesting

Equities Sector Coverage: Market Retakes Positive Territory For 2011

Sector Recap | |

Mortgage Applications tumbled 9.6% last week with for purchases near a fifteen year low. The demand for refinancings slumped 12.2%. According to ADP, the private sector added just 91,000 workers

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