Why Australia is Becoming a Global Leader in Crypto

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Australia has all the major stakeholders ready and willing to embrace blockchain and crypto, and this has made it a major global player in the last few years.

Financial Markets: Understanding the (Short) History Of Bitcoin


​Bitcoin markets have had a tumultuous year so far in 2018, and many digital investors have wondered about the possibility that this is truly the end for cryptocurrencies.

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Uranus Blockchain Firm Touts Power of Distributed Computing

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Will the Uber business model work in distributed shared computing?

Cryptocurrency Market Review: Bitcoin Consolidates Despite Major News

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Cryptocurrencies Drop Despite TD Ameritrade’s Partnership With Crypto-Related Exchange

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Personal Financing Made Easy With FinTech

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Today, tracking whatever you spend is as easy as navigating a couple of screens on your smartphone without needing to be good with numbers.

Will China be the Next Blockchain Superpower?

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Despite steering clear of cryptocurrency trading and mining, China has become one of the largest supporter of blockchain technology.

What is 'Bank Grade' AML?

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How does this apply to cryptocurrency and the digital economy, and ICO's in particular?