Bitcoin and Other Digital Fiat Currency is Less Sci-Fi Than You May Think

Steve Kanaval | |

Since 1971, all currency became backed by nothing more than the good faith of government. There is no underlying metal to back global currency – it is simply the word and good faith of the

Bitcoin Is Not Dead. It's Just Getting Started

Guild Investment Management | |

The publication of a new book -- Paul Vigna and Michael Casey’s The Age of Cryptocurrency -- brought Bitcoin to our attention again, and highlighted the disruptive potential of

The Bitcoin Hype Has Died...and That's Good for the Future of Cryptocurrency

John Mauldin | |

Bitcoin is a topic of discussion almost everywhere I go. My introduction to Bitcoin came when I was speaking at a gold conference in Palm Springs and three bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college

Apple Pay, CVS, Rite Aid, CurrentC Battle for Expanding Mobile Payment Market

Jeff Kagan | |

With all the attention suddenly being paid to the mobile pay space you would think it’s all brand new. While it is brand new for services like Apple (AAPL) Pay, the space itself has been

Fraud Expert on Bitcoin: It’s a “Loaded Roulette Wheel”

Jacob Harper | |

Bitcoin’s been called a lot of things in its short existence: a currency, a commodity, the wave of the economic future. The latest expert to weigh in on it was far less laudatory, calling it

How Low Does Bitcoin's Price Need Get to Make People Stop Believing?

Jacob Harper | |

On October 3 the price of bitcoin touched $360, marking a low for 2014. The week before, venture capitalist Tim Draper – the winner of the giant government bitcoin auction that saw Draper

Why Did Bitcoin Spike 10 Percent?

Jacob Harper | |

After dwindling down to below $400 and passing the dubious milestone of a 50 percent loss on the year, the price of bitcoin surged on September 23, briefly topping $450. Befitting its

Bitcoin Breaks Below $400, Chinese Probably Selling

Jacob Harper | |

On September 19 bitcoin’s price took a nosedive, simultaneously hitting two separate but notably dubious milestones: one, the price broke below the $400 threshold; and two, the days losses

Bitcoiners to Businesses: Don't Just Accept, Be Loyal

Jacob Harper | |

It’s been a rough year for bitcoin to say the least. Coming off a year when the price of the cryptocurrency notched a 5,317 percent return, the coin’s value has decreased slowly yet

Dell and Other Retailers Accept Bitcoin, But Customers Are Slow to Adopt

Jacob Harper | |

In January 2014, (OSTK) began accepting the cryptocurrency bitcoin as payment for its various items. This in and of itself should be nothing notable for a currency, as even