Global Payout (MTrac Tech) Expanding Payment Processing Footprint in Cannabis Industry

Edward Kim | |

The Mtrac platform offers compliant and transparent payment processing to address the needs of cash-intensive cannabis operations.

Is Crypto Crashing?

Scott Purcell | |

The market is crashing. The sky is falling.

​Technologies of Blockchain - Part 2: Distributed Systems

Kiran Garimella | |

Here's how blockchain gives rise to powerful ideas that lay the foundation for distributed systems.

You Can Now Pay Taxes Using Crypto. What Does This Mean For The Industry?

Kiana Danial | |

Ohio becomes first US state to allow taxpayers pay taxes using crypto.

What Thanksgiving Cranberries and Bitcoin Have in Common

Frank Holmes | |

Like cranberry growers, many bitcoin miners are choosing to limit supply as prices right now are lower than operating costs.

Technologies of Blockchain – Part 1: The Foundations

Kiran Garimella | |

This four-part series will provide a very high-level overview of each of the main components of blockchain technology.

​Experts to Discuss Digital Health Innovations at Blockchain for Europe Summit

Equities Editors Desk | |

Where blockchain is a good fit in healthcare and how to implement it will be topics at today’s Blockchain for Europe Summit being held at the European Commission Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Ripple Becomes Second Largest Crypto But Could Drop In Value

Kiana Danial | |

While the cryptocurrency market as a whole is losing its market cap value, Ripple’s XRP got the opportunity to take over Ethereum as Ether’s coin market cap dropped to around $12 billion.

Bitcoin Crashes Over 50% From Recent Highs

Chris Vermeulen | |

Crypto enthusiasts were crushed over the Thanksgiving holiday when a fight over Bitcoin Cash and very thin liquidity prompted a massive price breakdown from recent highs.

​ to Live Stream Blockchain for Europe Summit in Brussels — Nov. 27, 2018

Equities Editors Desk | |

The future of blockchain will be the focal point of discussion at the Blockchain for Europe Summit, and will be there livestreaming the broadcast.

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