Black Friday Comes Early to the Cryptosphere

Kiana Danial | |

Black Friday is almost here – but cryptocurrency is on sale right now. What are the best deals for bargain hunters?

​7th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai Focuses on Forex and Blockchain

Michael S. Young | |

Two themes of paramount importance emerged as top of mind and dominated the conversations – Forex and Blockchain.

Making Mobile Payments Pay Your Portfolio | |

Disruptive (and investable) technological themes are permeating an array of previously prosaic industries, including the financial services space.

SEC Surprises, Bitcoin Aims For New Support

Kiana Danial | |

The SEC gave us a nasty November surprise with enforcement actions against two ICO projects. What surprises do they have for us this week?

How Fundamental Investors Are Embracing the 'Rise of the Machines'

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

​Dan Loeb recently released his shareholder letter in which he discusses how he plans to invest in the future, among other topics.

How Modern FinTech Disrupts the Real Estate Industry | |

How Fintech disrupts the real estate industry. It helps people bet small on real estate. It simplifies construction contracts and even helps you sell your property.

Is Bitcoin Taxable? Understanding How Bitcoin Transactions are Tracked and Taxed

Tommy Wyher | |

This covers the way Bitcoin transactions are taxed as it could be changing in the future.

7 Investing Lessons From The Big Short

Kim Snider | |

Here are my 7 Investing Lessons From The Big Short...These lessons apply to all investing, not just cryptocurrency or shorting the U.S housing market.

Why Cryptocurrency Banking Could be Less Taxing in Singapore

David Drake | |

Singapore is lauded as one of the most crypto-friendly countries. Here's why.

Will the ICO Visa System make France Europe's Top ICO Destination?

David Drake | |

The French Parliament has adopted an initial coin offering framework as proposed by the country's financial market with the aim of positioning itself to become an ICO hub in Europe.