​Crypto Crooks: A Big Reason Why Cryptos Keep Declining

Guild Investment Management | |

The crypto market is still in its infancy, and like other markets in their early stages, it is a “wild west” where there are many malicious actors seeking to defraud speculators.

Integration Should Be Priority No. 1 for Acquisition-Minded Fintechs

Josh Dennis | |

Companies with suite-based solutions are receiving a lot of attention from investors lately. However, a suite is an asset only when the constituent parts cooperate.

A Look At Holiday Cheer In Cypto – How Long Will It Last?

Kiana Danial | |

It’s looking like a Merry Christmas…. At least if the past few days are any indication.

Dogecoin: Is the Cutest Coin In Crypto Market a Joke?

Kiana Danial | |

It might sound like a joke, but Dogecoin is no laughing matter.

Litecoin Analysis: Is The Altcoin Better Than Younger Altcoins?

Kiana Danial | |

Is Litecoin making a light come back?

The Growth Dynamics of the African Cryptocurrency Market

David Drake | |

African continent is progressively embracing cryptocurrencies. Recently, Luno, a London-based crypto company has set its eyes on potential of Ugandan Crypto market

Technologies of Blockchain Part 4: Conclusion

Kiran Garimella | |

A tremendous amount of development that took place for almost half a century made the modern blockchain possible. So, where does it go from here?

Will HTC's Blockchain Phone Penetrate the Cryptocurrency Market?

David Drake | |

Exodus 1 HTC phone will run on a decentralized system and is equipped with a 'Social Key Recovery' feature that allows access to funds in the event a private key gets lost.

Forget About Loans: Ramp up Your New Venture With an ICO

Ron Corker | |

Any organization can launch an ICO – technically. The fundraising method isn’t limited to startups who want to launch a new cryptocurrency.

How’s Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) Drama Impacting Its Price Action?

Kiana Danial | |

What’s been going on in what feels like a crypto reality TV show? Here’s a fundamental and technical overview.

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