Bitcoin: After 10 Wild Years, What Next for Cryptocurrencies?

Guardian Web | |

Since its creation a decade ago this week, the digital currency has been at the center of one of the biggest market bubbles in history.

AI's Next Disruption: Decentralized Cloud Computing

Marvin Dumont | |

Decentralized cloud computing (DCC) takes advantage of idle resources and lowers costs for users. Moreover, it can now be guided by artificial intelligence.

How Peru’s Central Bank Precautionary Measures Will Affect Its Cryptomarket

David Drake | |

South American countries widely accepted use of cryptocurrencies. However, Central Bank of Peru said that they are risky as its value is not based on tangible assets, but on the trust of individuals.

10 Predictions for 2019 – Gold, Bitcoin, Trump and More!

Jason Hamlin | |

Making predictions is typically a fool’s errand, but people love to read them anyway.

Blockchain 2019 – FinTech Predictions

Scott Purcell | |

​2018 was a wild ride but 2019 could be when the rubber truly starts to meet the road for blockchain and tokenization.

What Lies Ahead for Ethereum in 2019?

Dawn Richard | |

​Like other cryptocurrencies, 2018 was a year of pain for Ethereum. Topping out at $1,300 USD in December 2017, Ether found a bottom of just $80 just a few weeks ago.

KPMG Backs Crypto Assets, Says Institutional Investment Key to Growth

David Drake | |

KPMG's report stated that institutional investors will likely embrace cryptocurrencies. it's not about big players but the government and industry's move to make institutional Investors hop on board.

Would Tokenizing Your Possessions Make Sense?

Marvin Dumont | |

The blockchain is making it possible to tokenize and trade unique digital collectibles.

Blockchain Market: Growth, Technological Advancements & Competitive Insights by 2024

Fractovia | |

Blockchain technology market to accrue substantial proceeds from the BFSI sector, global industry to register an exponential CAGR of 75% over 2018-2024

Cryptocurrency Investing 2019: What To Do With Your Crypto

Kiana Danial | |

Even in the most bearish crypto markets, there’s still money to be made.

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Immunovaccine Inc is clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company develops products based on its proprietary vaccine enhancement platform in T cell activating therapies for cancer.


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