Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Leads Market As It’s Added to Robinhood Trading App

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Leads Market As It’s Added to Robinhood Trading App

Kiana Danial | |

The cryptocurrency market had yet another field day.

ICOs: Are they Ponzi Schemes or the Future of Investing?

David Drake | |

Data from Dead Coins and other sites that track inactive coins shows that at least 1000 coins that have been created through ICOs are no longer active.

Irrational Cryptocurrency Market Ignores Bullish News

Jason Hamlin | |

​Cryptocurrency prices slid again over the past week, with bitcoin dropping from $6,800 to $6,150, for a loss of around 10%.

4 Reasons You Shouldn't Try Cryptocurrency Mining

Due | |

Consider the reasons you shouldn’t try cryptocurrency mining before you make a large investment that yields you nothing.

The Tumultuous Journey of Bitcoin and How Cryptocurrencies Work | |

The list of risks for buying or investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies include, regulatory, security, insurance, fraud, and market risks.

3 Different Types Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges: CEX, DEX, And Hybrid

Kiana Danial | |

A cryptocurrency exchange is a web-service that can help people exchange their cash money into cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

10 Hottest Places to Launch a Fintech Startup in Central and Eastern Europe

Amy Mathews | |

In Europe, a trend is emerging as investors discover opportunities outside of the established fintech hubs in London, Germany and France.

Are Bitcoin ETFs on the Horizon?

Rakesh Sharma | |

The pressure is building for a bitcoin ETF. A bitcoin ETF could put the cryptocurrency within reach of ordinary investors.

Can Blockchain Meet Financial Institutions Scalability Expectations?

David Drake | |

While the biggest application of blockchain technology is expected to happen in the financial sector, there are concerns on whether it can handle the demands of large financial institutions.

Doug Casey Talks Cryptocurrencies, Precious Metals and Novels

The Gold Report | |

The last time commodities peaked was way back in 2011. That's seven years. It's been, in effect, a seven-year bear market.

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