Play Ball

Chris Lahiji | |

Companies were privatizing faster in the microcap space than any other.

‚ÄčIntrexon: Biotech, Biofuels and Fish Farming

MoneyShow | |

The company has had a very busy few weeks as the company has delivered a slew of positive news.

5 Biotech Stocks That Could Double or Triple for Investors

The Life Sciences Report | |

For Keith Markey of Griffin Securities, the science is paramount. Without understanding the underlying basis for activity, safety and efficacy, there's just no betting on a biotech stock. Over

Mitigating Risks in Biotechs

The Life Sciences Report | |

Griffin Securities has assembled a biotech portfolio weighted toward companies pursuing high-science therapeutic approaches. However, as analyst Keith Markey explains, through a combination of

Five Healthcare Stocks with a Solid Foundation

Jacob Harper | |

Healthcare can be a tricky sector to assess -- it's incredibly competitive, and the average investor usually doesn’t have intimate knowledge of how the products work. What the average

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