​3 Shale Plays for Energy Investors

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The shale producers who survived the price war waged by Saudi Arabia are already declaring victory, via plans to pump more crude this year.

​Why SPDR Energy Select Sector is Top Pick for Oil Seasonality

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Oil companies typically come into favor in mid-December and remain so until late April or early May in the following year.

​How EOG Resources Is a Leader in Fracking Industry

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The company was cash-flow-positive in two of the last four years, and should make it three out of five this year.

Is U.S. Oil Independence Just a Pipe Dream?

The Energy Report | |

It has been more than a year since Citigroup Inc. (C) published "Energy 2020: Independence Day," outlining the impacts of progress toward North American energy self-sufficiency. For

Mining Investors Should Focus on New Technology

The Mining Report | |

Michael and Chris Berry are back for The Mining Report's second annual father-son interview in honor of Father's Day. While they don't agree on everything, they are aligned on the

T. Boone Pickens: How the U.S. Should Leverage Its Oil and Gas Renaissance

The Energy Report | |

Known for his saying that "the first billion is the hardest," oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens addressed the Stansberry Society Conference in Dallas at the end of May with a plea for a

Finding Opportunities in the Natural Gas Export Boom

The Energy Report | |

There's more than one way to invest in energy, and you don't have to choose between majors and juniors. Frank Curzio, editor of the Small Stock Specialist newsletter, tells us exactly why

Andrew Coleman Wants to Know if You Are Ready for the Global Oil Surplus

The Energy Report | |

As North America continues to produce more oil and gas than the world knows what to do with, Raymond James Analyst Andrew Coleman thinks the sector is likely to remain sluggish. But if investing

Do You Practice Quality of Life Investing? Michael Berry Does

The Energy Report | |

Energy and food will be hot commodities as emerging middle classes start buying cars and beef. That is why, in this interview with The Energy Report, Discovery Investing Founder Michael Berry

Six Increasingly Profitable Independent Energy Plays Unburdened by Debt

Michael Teague | |

For the time being, global crude prices are caught between the Chinese economy and the Russian military. The consensus over China appears to for a slowdown in the near-term at least, meaning less

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