Panicked by the Yield Curve Inversion? Time to Load Up on This Sector

Robert Ross | |

In theory, recessions should hamper transportation stocks. But the data tells a different story.

If This Pattern Holds True, the US Economy Could Face the Worst Stagnation in History

John Mauldin | |

High levels of debt reduce interest rates, productivity and GDP growth - exactly as we see in Japan.

The U.S. Yield Curve Has Still Not Truly Inverted

Ivan Martchev | |

While the 10-year has closed below some shorter-term rates several times in 2019, I do not believe that this is a kosher inversion.

Paying the Retirement Bill

Rodney Johnson | |

Interest rates have been closer to zero than anything else for a decade, which has dramatically curbed what pension funds and anyone else can earn on fixed income.

Warning Signs in the Real Estate Market

Harry Dent | |

Did you know that the major leading indicator of the great 2008/9 financial crisis was real estate? It's happening again.

What Is the Present Housing Data Really Telling Us? | |

Yes there's still growth, but indicators are pointing to a slowdown.

Could Taxing the Rich Solve Income Inequality?

Harry Dent | |

Billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and even Ray Dalio are recommending increased taxes on the likes of themselves

The Global Economy Looks Disturbingly Like Japan Before Its “Lost Decade”

John Mauldin | |

The rest of the world is approaching a period that may be an equivalent of Japan in the 1990s -- and it might be more painful than it was in Japan.

If History Is Any Indication, Stocks Should Rally Until the Fall of 2020

Robert Ross | |

The yield curve has inverted before every recession over the past 50 years… but not immediately before.

America Has a Monopoly Problem

John Mauldin | |

Across industries, the US has become a country of monopolies.


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