Where the World Is Going

Patrick Watson | |

The future is bright, but we’ll go through darkness first.

Market MVP Award Goes To...

David Nelson, CFA CMT | |

Who was the MVP in an extraordinary year for the markets?

Americans Are No Longer 'Free to Choose'

John Mauldin | |

Instead of encouraging and protecting competition, which is essential to free markets, the US government increasingly suppresses it.

While Americans Drown in Financial Despair, the Fed Celebrates

John Mauldin | |

One-third of economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal think we will see a recession next year, and almost two-thirds see a recession by 2021.

Guild Investment Management: Risks and Opportunities in 2020

Guild Investment Management | |

We see numerous macro themes acting on global markets next year, including central banks, emerging markets, the politics of oil and the realities of Brexit

The UK Just Said No to EU Socialism. Will US Voters Do the Same in 2020?

Frank Holmes | |

Amid an economy that continues to grow and a market that continues to hit all-time highs, will US voters overlook the president’s shortcomings?

Here's What the Trucking Industry Could Learn From Airlines

Frank Holmes | |

Escalating insurance costs, oversupply and the trade war have driven ground shipping rates down at the fastest pace since 2016

US Economy Grew at a Moderate 2.1% in 3rd Quarter

AP News | |

Rate cuts from the Federal Reserve and a cease-fire in the US-China trade war could help the economy finish the year in better shape than previously feared.

One Day After Impeaching Him, Democratic-Led House Expected To Give Trump Big Win on Trade

AP News | |

A bill implementing terms of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is expected to pass Thursday with bipartisan support.

UK Financial Services Industry Sees Little Joy in Post-Brexit World

AP News | |

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decisive victory in last week’s general election provided little comfort to Britain’s once world-beating financial services industry, which has been battered by Brexit for more than three years.

World Economic Forum at Davos 2019 - Ben Yablon Executive VP Salt Lending

Matt Bird sits down with Ben Yablon - Executive VP of Salt Lending - at the World Economic Forum in Davos January 2019


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