Trump Is Making the Same Trade Mistake That Started the Great Depression

John Mauldin | |

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Will Trump Be a One-Term President Because of Mexican Tariffs?

Frank Holmes | |

Trump's proposed Mexico tariffs will have a direct inflationary impact on middle-class Americans.

This Is Why Monetary Policy Is So Ineffective

John Mauldin | |

The Fed can inject liquidity but can’t make people spend it or force banks to lend it.

Trade War - DEFCON 2

David Nelson, CFA CMT | |

If I was describing the events of a conventional war instead of one centered on trade, a military defense readiness condition of DEFCON 2 would be appropriate.

What Will Trump’s Immigration Fight Cost You?

Harry Dent | |

Countries that are growing their workforce have one thing in common: strong and high-quality immigration.

What Does The Latest Millennial Trend Mean for Your Money?

Rodney Johnson | |

Millennials are waiting longer to have children, which can have a dramatic, and in many cases negative, influence on our economy.

DOUBLE WHAMMY: Fed Policy and the US-China Trade War

Frank Holmes | |

The Fed tightening credit plus the prospect of an extended trade war are pointing to a potentially significant market correction.

The Calm Before the Chinese Trade Storm

Ivan Martchev | |

While a deal can still be saved, the worst case scenario of no trade deal should make the economic environment much more hostile.

The Good and the Bad of Job Automation

Patrick Watson | |

Labor-saving technology, while beneficial to everyone over time, has a different short-term effect. It enables higher productivity in a smaller number of people. And that's a problem.

Do Recent Trade Tensions Matter for the US Economy? | |

Yes! The tariff fire may soon burn too hot, and the smoke it generates is harmful itself.


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