Amazon: Income Inequality Worsens

Lidia Staron | |

The company paid zero federal tax on over $11 billion in profit... and it will do so in the future.

Looking at the Economic Winter Season Ahead

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Our economic “recovery” has been the weakest on record, despite the strongest, globally-concerted stimulus ever.

We're Overdosing on Debt

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Government debt leads the way, with corporate debt close on its heels.

How to Create the Biggest Credit Bubble in History

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Artificially low interest rates have created a massive credit bubble.

Everything You May Fear about Modern Monetary Theory is Already Happening

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Government spending has already increased significantly, and you can't blame socialists and MMT

Chinese Economic Data Will Move Global Equities Markets – Part II

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​We continue to explore the fragility and future implications of a Chinese economic contraction.

Is Recession Near?

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A discussion with Dave Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff.

What Commodities and Transportation Are Telling Us – PART I

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These two core elements of any regional or global economy are usually about 3-6 months ahead of the general markets.

Why Bridge Loans are Increasingly Popular in 2019 as a Short-Term Solution for Investors

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What are the main attractions of this method of financing?

Consumer Debt Is Actually in Better Shape Than Ever

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Debunking the alarmism about the state of American households’ balance sheets.