Trump Makes Case for Wall, Pelosi Says No, Ron Paul Says We Don't Need It

Mish Shedlock | |

Pelosi will not authorize a wall and Trump did not declare an emergency.

More Consumers are Using Personal Loans to Consolidate Debt, Report Shows

Jacob Maslow | |

The number of borrowers looking to consolidate debt with personal loans is rising

Infographic: The Anatomy of a Smart City

Visual Capitalist | |

There is no doubt that the city will be the defining feature of human geography for the 21st century.

Poker-Like Decision Making

Andrew Stotz | |

“The quality of our decisions and luck” are what influence how our lives go...and other interesting reads.

The Last Time the Yield Curve Inverted, Stocks Soared 30%

John Mauldin | |

​Everybody is suddenly talking about the inverted yield curve.

Highlights from the Greenwich Economic Forum

Todd William | |

Ray Dalio, Afsaneh Beschloss, Paul Tudor Jones, and Dmitry Balyasny led various discussions addressing many challenges facing the global markets, sharing insights and suggesting innovative solutions.

Is the Fed Done Hiking Rates? Watch the Price of Gold

Frank Holmes | |

King Dollar was on top in 2018, one of the few major assets to close the year in the black. But greenback strength is a double-edged sword.

After a Rough 2018, Will Bitcoin Make a Comeback in 2019?

David Drake | |

2018 was by all means a difficult year for cryptocurrencies, but the last two months have been even more challenging for the leading digital currency when Bitcoin traded below the $4000 mark.

Jiangsu Expressway: Growing Chinese Toll Road With a 5% Dividend

Lyn Alden | |

A look at the opportunities and risks of investing in Chinese toll roads, with a focus on Jiangsu Province.

China’s Central Bank is Buying Gold Again for the First Time Since 2016

Jason Hamlin | |

Is this just the start of China aggressively increasing gold holdings in 2019?