Effects of Vaping on the Youth and Economy

Andrew Deen | |

Today, many teens are turning to electronic cigarettes and vapes. Vaping is making a big impact on the youth, and is creating health risks.

​5 Scenarios for 2019

Rodney Johnson | |

These would be unexpected but still fall in the realm of “the possible.”

MacKenzie Bezos: Divorce from Amazon CEO Could Make Her World's Richest Woman

Guardian Web | |

The split of MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos is casting a spotlight on the woman who might soon become the world’s wealthiest.

Here’s Why Trump Could Soon Turn on Europe

John Mauldin | |

Europe could soon face monetary tightening, hard Brexit, an Italian breakdown, popular unrest not just in France but all over, a trade war, and a German/Italian bank crisis all at the same time.

Ever Wonder Why the Sandwich That Costs $10 Now Was Only $7 Five Years Ago?

Mark Putrino | |

This chart scares me, and it should scare you too.

​Why Retailers Should Push for Cryptocurrency Adoption

Jared McClure | |

The cost of retail fraud is at an all-time high and continues to climb year over year. Here's how wider cryptocurrency adoption could resolve the fraud issue thanks to the security of blockchain.

Fed Minutes: Growing Risks Make Rate Hike Path Less Clear

Associated Press | |

Federal Reserve officials expressed increasing worries when they met last month, as they grappled with volatile stock markets, trade tensions and uncertain global growth.

​A Scary Trend in Global Debt

Harry Dent | |

Federal debt has been roughly doubling every eight years, or two administrations. At this rate, it could be as high as $39 trillion by 2025

These 3 Events Will Create a Perfect Storm for Europe in Early 2019

John Mauldin | |

Across Europe, and particularly in the 18-member Eurozone, the economic news is sobering.

​Smaller-Cap Companies: Beware the Short Seller!

Ronald Woessner | |

Here's how smaller-cap companies (particularly OTC-traded ones) are getting the “short end of the stick” due to inadequate legal protections against abusive short-selling practices.